Canyoning is a sport that is practiced in the river canyons (gorges, canyons, clues). Equipped with neoprene suits, “canyoners” down the river and waterfalls on foot, snooze, slide, jumping into the water holes, or swimming. There are canyons for beginners and others more difficult. This activity is very playful and refreshing, also illustrates how very wild places, as easily accessible.

Guide price: € 50 for half a day.


This summer, we offer Ziocu Canyon, near Vico. This canyon, feasible in half a day, is a canyon of initiation that combines everything you could want:
– Swimming in the emerald basins
– Small or large jumps
– Tyrolean
– Abseiling
Near this small paradise lost (and without moving the car!) There is a nice mountain village, a pizzeria perched on the mountain, a small lake to visit and to rent donkeys to take the kids or parents.

What to spend an invigorating and refreshing day in the mountains Corsica.

Escalade et via ferrata